2008 Beijing Olympics


Tony Yin writes, actually an interesting sporting mega-event.

actually an interesting sporting mega-event. The next Olympic will be held in 2008 at Beijing, China. I was born in China, so I would love to tell you all about this next Olympics. It is going to be fantastic.Let’s start with the most basic facts about the 2008 Summer Olympics. Games of the XXIX Olympiad, will be start on August 8, 2008 and end on August 24, 2008. The opening ceremony starts at 08:08:08 pm at the Beijing National Stadium. 8 is the luckiest number in China, so starting at 08:08:08 symbolizes a smooth and lucky event. Even though most of the events will be held in the capital Beijing, some events, including football (soccer), sailing, and the 10 km marathon swimming events will be held in other cities of China. Beijing was elected the host city on July 13, 2001. The magnificent city easily beat Toronto, Paris, Istanbul, and Osaka, receiving 100 votes with only 249 total votes. Prior to the session, five other cities-Bangkok, Cairo, Havana, Kuala Lumpur, and Seville also applied to be a candidate for the 2008 Olympics.In order to welcome the world with signs of wealth, Beijing is building a total of 31 facilities in preparation for the Olympics. Its largest architectural pieces will be the Beijing National Stadium, Beijing National Indoor Stadium, Beijing National Aquatics Centre, Olympic Green Convention Centre, Olympic Green, and Beijing Wukesong Culture & Sports Center. The centerpiece of the 2008 Summer Olympics will be the Beijing National Stadium, nicknamed the “Bird Nest” because of its nest-like skeletal structure. Construction of the venue began on December 24, 2003. The National Stadium will feature a lattice-like concrete skeleton forming the stadium bowl and will have a seating capacity of 80,000 people. The Beijing National Stadium will be the site of the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as the athletics events and soccer finals. The building of all the facilities costs about 3 billion dollars.On April 14, 2007, tickets were being sold in Beijing, and soon overseas. By June 2007, 2.2 million tickets-about a third of the supply volume-had already been sold. The tickets are definitely going fast, if you want a piece of this action, then better hurry.Despite already being very successful for getting ready for the Olympics, there are still many problems. Pollution, fake-merchandises, and freedom of press are all problems China will have to stop before the big game.Hopefully China will make this Olympic a special one as a model for future Olympics. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait and hope this will be one of the best Olympics ever!


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