Children’s Museum of Denver


Tony Yin writes, It is finally Halloween! This is one of the most loved holidays by kids of all ages.

It is finally Halloween! This is one of the most loved holidays by kids of all ages. Since this is a beloved celebration, the Children’s Museum in Denver is making a special program to celebrate along with these happy kids. After hearing about this program and how badly they needed volunteers to help out with the program, I decided to be a volunteer and take part in this wonderful Halloween celebration. While I was there, I saw all kinds of interesting programs they can offer. The train ride, trolley, carnival, and tons of hands-on activities are just among some programs in the museum. These happy children are all running around with a big smile on their face. I have never been to this museum before; I think it is kind of cool that one little museum can make all of these kids so happy. This is a terrific museum even without this Halloween program. The Museum is divided into several different “playscapes” and you should plan on a day of great fun in order to discover everything in this gigantic museum. On the first floor of the Museum you will find the Center for the Young Child. This level is for children from toddlers to age 4. Here, kids can enjoy many simply yet fun activities that will get them smiling as soon as they start playing. Newborns can lie on the big lily pad and gaze up at the stuffed bugs flying over head. Toddlers can fish for stuffed fish, play house, or tend the garden. The second level of the Museum is for children ranging from ages four to eight. The ARTS a la Carte playscape is a place where children can dance, sing, act, become an artist or put on a puppet show. The most loved activity is probably “making a team,” many kids can get together and play basketball on a kid-sized court.Other activities include the Assembly Plant, which is a hands-on workshop that provides a variety of tools and recycled materials for designing and building objects. In the Community Market children role-play in a grocery store, deli, and bakery. After they find their groceries they can wait in line to check out.IT is a fantastic museum, I think kids all over Colorado should go and check this place out. Take your siblings for a day of endless fun!


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