Martian Child is Outa this World


Michael Havenar writes, Michael Havenar age 12Palmer Lake CoMartian Child is a story of hope, compassion and love.

Michael Havenar age 12Palmer Lake CoMartian Child is a story of hope, compassion and love. David Gordon (John Cusask) wants to adopt Dennis (Bobby Coleman) who thinks he is from Mars. The two are a good match. Gordon is a Science Fiction writer, who was also a weird kid, looking to finish his next big novel. Dennis spends most of his time in a box, worrying about the ozone layer and finishing his experiments so that he can complete his mission here on earth. This story comes with many messages including, it’s Ok to be your self. Don’t be anything other than who you are and don’t try to conform just to fit a certain mold. My favorite part of the movie is when John Cusack is teaching Dennis the finer points of baseball. Gordon (Cusack) teaches Dennis that in baseball unlike any other sport hitting 3 out of 10 balls is good. If you can hit just a little bit better like 3.2 you are great! It’s the only sport in the world where getting just a few hits can make you an all star. I took this lesson to mean, just try your best. You are awesome just the way you are and whatever you do in life, hit it out of the park. This is a good family movie and has something for everyone. My Mom saw this movie with me and pointed things out to me that I didn’t get. She said there is a bit of adult humor that kids won’t understand but nothing inappropriate at all. You will leave this movie having a better understanding of kids that are different from you and will want to treat those kids better because after all we are all here on this earth to make a difference. We all have different ways of achieving this. Dennis’ way of coping and achieving his goals was to be a Martian. Maybe that “Martian” who sits next to you in class will be your best friend some day, give him a chance.Confucius, a wise man, once said, treat others the way you would want to be treated and we will all do just fine. Grab your family, a bowl of lucky charms (Dennis’ favorite food) and sneak a peak at Martian Child; you’ll be glad you did. Martian Child opens November 2 nd in a theatre near you and stars, John Cusack, Bobby Coleman, Joan Cusack and Amanda Peet. Rated PG


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