Trick or Treat for Unicef – Good and Fun!


Allyson Malecha writes, This Halloween…

This Halloween, I trick or treated for UNICEF, an organization that helps children around the world with healthcare, food and education. UNICEF is important because it prevents millions of children from dying of preventable causes. My little sister and I spent approximately one hour trick or treating and collected $34.09 from generous neighbors. (My parents and grandparents helped out too!) One of my neighbors commented that she hadn’t seen trick or treating for UNICEF since she was a child! Those neighbors who did not donate were all very polite and apologized quickly for not donating.We exceeded my goal of $25 for the evening, which is great because just $1 can give two children immunizations for polio, a condition that cripples kids and $3 can buy a child a paper pad, pen, and pencil for school. I really loved trick or treating for UNICEF because it is a rewarding experience and really takes nothing more than trick or treating on Halloween night. You can help by participating next year and inviting your friends to do the same! Just visit the UNICEF website for more information and to receive a fundraising kit.


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