Fred Claus is coming to town


Christine Samson writes, Are you ready for some fun entertainment?

Are you ready for some fun entertainment? Or do you just want a hilarious comedy that will keep you laughing? Well now’s the time, because this movie fits all that: Fred Claus! Fred Claus is about a man named Fred Claus. Fred Claus is the older brother of Santa Claus (Nicholas Claus). Somehow Fred always arrives in his brother’s shadow. Whenever Fred tries to make his parents proud, Nicholas makes them prouder. Fred promised Nicholas that he would be the best big brother he could be….but sometimes (or always) it is easier to make promise, than to keep one. But when Fred needed money, he asked his brother for help. Nicholas agreed to help him, but on one condition: Fred has to help him in the North Pole. So when Fred comes to the North Pole to help his brother, he doesn’t know that a lot of trouble is coming his way!Fred meets a lot of new people and runs into a lot of old people (or people he has met or known in his life). Like Willie, Charlene, Santa’s elves, Nicholas, his mom, his dad, Mr. Clyde Northcut, Samuel Gibbons (Slam), and Wendy.Mr. Clyde Northcut plays the “bad guy” in this movie. He is the one that wants Santa to get fired and his workshop shut down. Three strikes result in shutting down Santa Claus. With time running out, the elves can’t make the presents in time for Christmas because Fred stamped all of them “nice”. (Fred’s job in the North Pole is to stamp the children’s folders “naughty” or “nice”.) But time is running out and there is only ten hours left before sunrise. Later on, Fred realizes that you can’t choose your family but somehow you love them anyway. Also when they are in need, you can choose between two things: to help them with their problems or not to help them. But is it too late to help Nicholas before he is shut down? Will Mr. Northcut get to fire him? Will the elves be able to make the presents and deliver the presents before sunrise? Will Fred realize that you can’t choose your family? Will Fred and Nicholas finally work things out? I liked the movie. I thought it was a great hilarious comedy. I thought that the acting was great because in some scenes, the acting made me feel like it was really happening. The cinematography was great because they made it very well. SPOILER WARNING: I didn’t like the part when Mr. Northcut comes over for dinner to observe the Claus family and to put pressure on Santa Claus (Nicholas Claus). I would definitely recommend this movie because it is a great movie for the holidays, it is a hilarious comedy, and I think everyone will love it. Plus I think it does give a message or a lesson to everyone: if someone is getting all the credit or fame, and you’re not, don’t think that you’re forgotten and that you’re not good enough. Also don’t be jealous of anybody because of what they have or if everybody likes them better. I think all ages will enjoy this movie. So if you want a hilarious holiday comedy, be sure to put Fred Claus on you list! Main Cast:Vince Vaughn as Fred ClausPaul Giamatti as Nicholas Claus (Santa Claus)John Michael Higgins as Willie Miranda Richardson as Annette Claus (wife of Nicholas) Rachel Weisz as WandaKathy Bates as Mrs. Claus (Mother of Nicholas)Trevor Peacock as Mr. Claus (Father of Nicholas)Ludacris as DJ DonnieElizabeth Banks as CharleneJeremy Swift as Bob (an elf)Elizabeth Berrington as Linda (an elf)Kevin Spacey as Clyde NorthcutDavid Dobkin- director & producerPaul Hitchcock-executive producerJoel Silver-producerJessie Nelson-producerDan Fogelman-Screenwriter


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