National Junior Forensics League


Rachel Faulkner writes, My school participates in forensics, as do I.

My school participates in forensics, as do I. Forensics means “speech and debate”. When there is a tournament, a bunch of school get together at one school and there are two events; improv and debate. Improv is recitation. A group of students are in a room and one at a time, they recite a speech, or a monolouge. The other part is debate. The kids are paired with one other person and argue a topic. They don’t know what side of the topic they will be on (pros or cons) so they have to have evidence and a speech for both sides. At the end of the year, the top competitors go to Nationals. Ask your school today if they have a forensics team or are interested in forensics. It is really fun, and helps you get into collages. Have fun out there!