So + Heidi + Bernie = So So Sad


Jenni Holthus writes, Here is also an interview with Sarah Weeks If you didn’t become a writer what would your second and third choices be?

Here is also an interview with Sarah Weeks If you didn’t become a writer what would your second and third choices be?I was a singer songwriter before I began to write books, so that would probably be what I would be doing if I hadn’t become an author. I also considered being a teacher –I do teach now at a University here in Manhattan called The New School.How long have you been writing?I’ve been writing books for about 20 years.What is your favorite book that you have written?I don’t really have a favorite. Each book is a labor of love, and so I love them all in a way.What inspired you to write, So B. It?There was not a particular event that inspired the story. It’s not based on anyone I know. I just had this idea that it might be interesting to write about someone searching for the meaning of a word, and the whole thing kind of grew from that seed.Where do you write your most of your books,your house,anywhere in your free time, etc.?I do most of my writing at home at my desk. I do travel a lot, and sometimes I write when I’m on the road, but I find it difficult to work if there’s too much going on around me –like on a plane for instance.So B. It, by Sarah Weeks is the saddest book I have ever read but it is GREAT! It is about a 12 year old home schooled girl and her search to find out who she is. Heidi’s mom, So B. It, is mentally disabled. She only knows 23 words (listed below). They live in an apartment next to there sweetest neighbor, Bernie. Bernie has angora phobia which means she is afraid to leave her own home. To help Heidi and So she goes through a door in the closet. This book is very sad because Heidi has no clue who she is and who her family is. If you read chapter five first and you will be hooked on the book forever. 23 words Heidi So Be It No Done Shh Good Blue Soof Out Hot Bad Uh-Oh Back Soon Hello Dette Tea Go Ow More Again Now and KissI think anyone would love this book but I think it would be better for ages nine and up because it is very sad. It would be good for a teacher as a read-aloud, but in the end it will make the teacher cry. This book makes you appreciate the little things in life. The week after I read this book I did everything slower just to appreciate it all more. The writing is very good because it all flows really well. It makes you feel like you are in the movie theater watching a movie. It describes the emotions and problems so well. I literally read it super fast just because every word I read added to the movie that was playing in my head. Sorry I don’t have a picture but I will try to get one.


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