Ultimate Dinosaur Collection


Isaac Anderson writes, Ultimate Dinosaur collectionIn this new video collection…

Ultimate Dinosaur collectionIn this new video collection, you are thrown back into time to meet the dinosaurs and their predecessors face to face. Jump back in time and experience the thrill binding existence of dinosaurs and their ancestors. Not only are the digital illustrations excellent, but the camera is also: bumped, bashed, and tossed around like a rag doll, as if there is a photographer back in time filming their acts. The movie also explains how dinosaurs came to be so big and powerful, through evolution. The collection doesn’t just describe about land creatures, it also discusses those that lived in the water and air. The first disc dates back before the dinosaurs, to explain how the earth evolved into a suitable habitat for life. It also shows the progression of creatures into dinosaurs. The second disc provides the rationale for the eons of evolution before and during the dinosaurs’ era. The third disc explains the silver and gold years of the dinosaurs existence. Overall the Collection is a good way get excited with learning about the dinosaurs, along with meeting your theatrical needs. This video collection is made by BBC Video