Magorium, Molly and Eric. Oh my!


Indianna Price writes, Hmmm? You’d like a firsthand view on “Mr.

Hmmm? You’d like a firsthand view on “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium”? Check out ‘Aisle Review”. Okay, I couldn’t help the joke after seeing such a spectacular movie. “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” is a breathtaking, colorful and heartwarming film; that’s pretty good by my standards. This movie can only be watched when you’re ready for a mood swing though. From suspense to sorrow to anger to whatnot, it’s all in there. Emporium owner Edward Magorium bought enough pairs of shoes to last him his entire life, and now he’s on his last pair. The 243-year-old magical storeowner is ‘leaving’. Maybe he’s dying. After over 100 years running the shop, Magorium is handing over the store to Molly, an aspiring pianist and manager at the Emporium.Let’s just say the store isn’t too happy about Magorium giving his business to Molly. The magical, brilliantly hued walls and toys start to gray and fade. Then they refuse to work, which leaves it up to Eric, a 9-year-old boy who is Molly’s friend, and the counting-mutant (accountant) known as Henry to help Molly restore the emporium. Candy-apple red in color, the store is draped with living toys and flying planes. Building blocks and Lego people, sock monkeys and fish mobiles…the store has it all. I’m talking real fish mobiles made of living fish or, if you prefer, fish sticks. Cardboard planes and bouncy balls whiz around the store, as kids run wild among the many shelves of the small building.I can tell you now, if you like special effects, you’ll love this movie. There are many seamless special effects to view from a moving sock monkey who seems to be lonely, to the gravity-defying cardboard planes and airborne trains. When the store begins to throw a fit, a stuffed toy dragon breathes flames at Eric. From this fire breathing fiend to the nook of starry sky that envelopes the store as Magorium leaves, each one has a breathtaking quality. I strongly recommend this movie for anyone unless you’re a stingy person who doesn’t want to be happy. It’s best for kids, but good for adults especially stingy ones with hearts that are two sizes too small and teens too.Reviewed by Indy Price, age 12Fox Walden Media FilmsLength: 1 hour, 33 minutesRated: G


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