Eat Your Words


Jacy Ericson writes, “Do not say a little in many words, but a great deal in a few.

“Do not say a little in many words, but a great deal in a few.”-Pythagoras. These are the words that greet you as you begin you journey with My Word Coach to better spelling and vocabulary. My Word Coach is a fantastic Wii game designed to help children of all ages with their spelling and vocabulary. As you begin your lessons you are greeted by a coach, that can be changed when you create your profile. HeShe explains how to play all the games and announces your progress through out the game. Everyday you play My Word Coach you are able to achieve a higher percentile in spelling and vocabulary, however once you have earned your percentage for that day you can not earn any more until 24 hours later. Which I thought should have been changed so that children can progress more than 2% a day. Your starting percentage is at 20% and you must reach 100% to complete the game, you are required to get certain scores on games to unlock other games and extras, such as multiplayer games, settings, DS connection, and much more. DS connection is when players with a DS can connect it to My Word Coach and access only one game on the DS, Missing Letter. The controls for My Word Coach are very simple, the main button you use on your Wii remote is A. You use it and you hand motion to draw, select, and drag letters from place to place. The graphics on this game are very good, they show movement very clearly and have a very good and clear picture. I would recommend this game to children from 8 to 13 because of the words used and how hard the words become as you get better at identifying them. My favorite game is Word Cereal, in this game there are a lot of mixed up letters in a cereal bowl and one definition off to the side. You have to click and drag the letters from the inside the bowl and create the word that matches the definition, but be careful, the letters inside the bowl might start to sink, in which case you have to stir them to the top again using the spoon. My Word Coach is a UBISOFT game for the Wii requiring a Wii console and at least one Wii remote (two if you want to play multiplayer). The ESRB rating for My Word Coach is E for everyone.This game is very educational and fun for children and their friends, get ready for a life time experience improving spelling and vocabulary in your child’s life.


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