Ever wonder what a sewer really is or where it leads? This movie, Disney's "Enchanted," explains it all.


Ever wonder what a sewer really is or where it leads? This movie, Disney's "Enchanted," explains it all.


Giselle was a woodland maiden in the animated world of Andalasia until she met the prince of her dreams–literally of her dreams. The next day she is to be married to Prince Edward, but his stepmother, the Queen, who is afraid of being replaced, won't let that happen. On her wedding day, the Queen pushes Giselle into a magical wishing well that transports her to modern day New York City–Times Square to be exact. Her grand entrance out of a manhole in the middle of Broadway leads New Yorkers to reject her.


With nobody to help her, no prince to save her and no experience with American courtesies, she wanders about the city until Robert, and his daughter Morgan, find her trying to get into a castle that's really a cardboard sign. The most original element in the movie was how the story switched from cartoon animation to live action and back again. However, the scene where Giselle calls the animals of a nearby park to help her clean Robert's apartment is a total rip off of Snow White and not amusing.


There are some really funny moments in the film. When Prince Edward arrives to find Giselle, he jumps on the roof of a New York City bus and stabs it with his sword, thinking it's an evil metal giant. Perhaps the story line and the costumers were outstanding but there is not much else to recommend. Okay, it's not that the movie was bad; it just wasn't the most wonderful movie ever. As nice as the animal animation effects were, they didn't have the 'wow' vibe that Disney normally delivers. I wouldn't say that this movie will ever make it into The Great Disney Hall of Fame as a classic like "Cinderella."


It's basically a remake of every classic Disney princess movie squashed together and put into a live action film. While the story line was interesting, I bet you can guess how it ends. "Enchanted" has all the content of a classic Disney formula ending, which, in my mind, is beyond annoying at this point. I would suggest this movie for every diehard Disney princess fan or younger children who might find this movie, as the title implies, "enchanting". They will find it more captivating that I did. I'm simply not a big fan of classic Disney princess stories and found Enchanted to be good but not a film that fully lived up to its name.

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Rated: PG Length: 1 hour 47 minutes

Reviewed By Indy Price, age 12


  1. Very good review!
    Very good review! I agree about how annoying it is with the all the Disney endings! 🙂

  2. I have to disagree about …
    I have to disagree about some of your opinions, but I’d like to thank you for speaking your mind. Nice Review!!!!!!

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