Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Chest


Cristina Turcanu writes, As you bring the imagination of Gore Verbinsky to a Walt Disney Movie…

As you bring the imagination of Gore Verbinsky to a Walt Disney Movie, you follow Jack Sparrow, William Turner, and Elizabeth Swan on another adventure. They try to get Jack out of Davy Jones’ locker and on the way they meet Sao Feng who betrays them all, including himself. After the movie, on the second disc you can watch how the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchess come to life. Then you can watch 2 deleted scenes and see how they came up with the costumes. If you enjoyed this movie then be sure that you watch the first 2 movies. I would recommend this movie because it is so thrilling and with the very detailed and amazing special effects it makes the experience a whole lot better. The age that I would recommend would be that any Pirates of the Caribbean fan could watch it but if you would like to just watch it then ages 11 or up. More info… Title: Pirates of the Caribbean/ At World’s End Company: Walt Disney Pictures Director: Gore Vebinski Screenwriter: Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio Starring: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Chow Yun-Fat, and Geoffrey Rush. Length of Movie: 169 min. or 2 hours and 49 min. Rating: PG-13


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