Planning- The Democratic National Convention


Gabi Curry writes, In November 2008 there will be a new president elected in the United States of America.

In November 2008 there will be a new president elected in the United States of America. President Bush cannot run for reelection because he will have been president for eight years. There are two major political parties in the U.S. – the Democratic and the Republican parties. Every four years each party holds a national convention to select the person who will represent the party in the presidential election. In August 2008, Denver will host the Democratic National Convention (DNC). People from all over the country and the world will be watching to see whom the Democrats select to represent them in the election. On Tuesday November 13, 2007, press from around the nation, including three Nextgen reporters and the world met in Denver with the Democratic National Committee (DNCC). Leah Daughtry, the CEO of the convention and Governor Howard Dean, DNC chairman welcomed all the press. The day began with a tour of the Pepsi Center, the site for the convention. There the press learned what the convention will look like, where they will sit, where the press tents will be, and where to go for their specific needs; bloggers, photographers, broadcasters, media housing, etc. The members of the press were able to share their concerns about the overall set-up of the convention and their access to the convention floor. The bloggers shared that at the last Democratic convention they were up in the ‘nose-bleed’ section and had to work from laptops placed on their laps – no tables or desks. The DNCC said that they would work to find a better solution this time.Overall it was a successful day for the DNC and the press. There were answers to many questions and a chance to work through concerns.


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