I Spy a Fun Game


Sierra Goldie writes, Recently I have been playing a fun game that was released in August 2007 for Nintendo DS…

Recently I have been playing a fun game that was released in August 2007 for Nintendo DS, called I Spy Fun House (Scholastic). This game is a very amusing game for all ages, as it is rated “E” for everyone, and my whole family tried it and loved it. The main goal of this game is to get out of the Fun House, by earning ten tickets. This game is very similar to the I Spy books that most kids are familiar with, but instead of the same pages and riddles, the levels on the game are always changing, so it is much more fun! But… you might ask, what makes this game so fun? Well, it has over 100 levels of play, and three action games. The action games are matching, where you have to match shape, color, and other groups like that, and get faster and faster with the matches. Another one of the mini action games is putting items into special rings by sorting them; they will usually be sorted by color, shape, type, and many other things, again this gets faster to make it more challenging for older kids and adults. And the last game is one I don’t want to give a way, once you get ten tickets; you have to solve the Prize Popper. Once you solve this, you are on the way out of the Fun House. However, the fun never ends, you can go back to the beginning and start again, and the game reshuffles the riddles, there are many different riddles for each puzzle so it is never the same game twice.This game is very easy to learn, I didn’t even need to use the instructions, as it is pretty self explanatory. The graphics of this game and the illustrations of the I Spy books are very much alike. I didn’t find anything that I didn’t like about this game. I think it would be challenging for kids under 7, but still fun for them.I really did enjoy this game and would recommend it to anyone with a Nintendo DS, my mom really liked it too, so it really is for all ages! So keep your eyes open for I Spy Fun House!


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