I figured out how to enjoy veggies!!


Felicia Pichulo writes, For eternity kids have hated their veggies.

For eternity kids have hated their veggies. I found a way to enjoy them. Watch The Wonderful World Of Ha’s from Big Idea, another great movie from the creators of Veggie Tales. This story is about a young asparagus named Darby who lives on a floss farm with his dad and pet pig Tutu. Darby discovers a flyer for an amusement park called the Wonderful World of Ha’s and his hopes are sky high! When his father says no to his plans, Darby locks himself in an RV and is sucked up in a tornado. When he lands in a strange place filled with tiny little vegetables, he is advised to follow the “yellow Mc. Toad” to find his way to the amusement park. Along the trail, Darby meets some unforgettable characters like the scarecrow, played by Mr. Lunt, the tin man, played by Larry the Cucumber, and the cowardly lion, played by Pa Grape. After making their way to the park, the group of friends find out that there are more important things in life than having fun. I don’t want to give away the ending, but I can tell you that the movie teaches the very important lesson that no matter how many times you make mistakes your parents will always love and forgive you. I liked this movie, but it wasn’t as good as some of the other Veggie Tales. It was not as funny compared to some of the others because Larry the Cucumber did not have much of a part in the film and he usually makes the Veggie Tales movies. I do recommend this DVD to all children and adults who are looking for some healthy fun. This film is 49 minutes long, is not rated, and has bonus features such as singalong songs, activities, the making of the movie, commentary, subtitles and closed captioning, and many more fun things. The next time you eat your veggies, remember Bob, Larry, and the lesson you learned from the movie. Bon Apetitte!


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