Get Enchanted!


Juliana Lombardi writes, In Enchanted, fairy-tale characters come to life!

In Enchanted, fairy-tale characters come to life! No, not in the “Oh, reading makes things come alive” terms, but in real life!!! Giselle is dreaming of her prince. Queen Narissa wants her son to stay away from any possible ‘true love’ and keep the crown. Prince Edward is thinking of love but has not met any maidens who might be his one and only True Love. One day, while Prince Edward is capturing ogres, he hears a song. He falls in love immediatly with the maiden, Giselle,who is singing and rides off to find her. Nathanial, Narissa’s henchman, knows if Edward falls in love he will get punished and Narissa will lose her throne. He sends Prince Edward’s captured ogre to eat Giselle so Edward won’t fall in love. Giselle is chased over the branches of a tree until she is dangling off the end of one. She falls and Pip the chipmunk sends the ogre flying. Giselle falls into the prince’s arms and they arrange to be married the next day. The couple rides off into the sunset and live hapily ever after….or not. Narissa disguises herself as an old hag and pushes Giselle down a well and into New York. Giselle finds herself lost and alone, with no idea where she is. She meets a man and his daughter, Robert and Morgan. Robert takes Giselle to his house so she can use his phone for help. She keeps talking about her home, Andalasia, and he calls her a “seriously confused woman”. Giselle wanders around with Robert while Prince Edward, Pip, and Nathanial pop up into New York. Nathanial is on a mission to murder Giselle and Pip knows it. Edward doesn’t have a clue, assuming a bus is a dragon and a TV is a magic mirror. After many fruitless attempts at murdering Giselle, Nathanial is screamed at by Narissa, still in Andalasia. She tells him that she is coming to New York and he is hopeless. Narissa arrives in time for the King and Queens Ball, to which Robert, Giselle and Edward: reunited,are going to attend. A poison apple, a dragon and a mix-up love follow as Narissa attempts to destroy all threats to her throne. Heroics find Giselle as she races to save her true love….all in a movie worth seeing.


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