Ratatouille: Chaos in the Kitchen!


Elana Neiley writes, Want Help Cooking? Ask Remy!

Want Help Cooking? Ask Remy!Chaos in the Kitchen!By Elana NeileyRatatouille, produced by Disney and Pixar, is an amazing movie about a rat and a chef. Remy is a rat that is probably the cleanest rat in the world. He can cook too! Linguini is a garbage boy that dreams of becoming a chef in one of Paris’ finest restaurants. The only problem is he can’t cook. All of a sudden the two meet and band together to make one of the most hilarious movies I have seen. Now Remy is teaching Linguini to cook and Linguini is getting wonderful complements for the food he makes. Does the head chef start to suspect Remy? And what will happen when one of Paris’ worst critics comes to the restaurant? To make matters worse, Linguini all of a sudden becomes famous and has no privacy. In addition, Remy’s family finds out about the food storage in the restaurant and they want to eat all the food! Now can Linguini keep his secret about Remy? How will Remy get his family of about a thousand rats into the food pantry without being discovered? I guess to find out you have to watch the movie! Even though I do not enjoy animated movies as much as I did when I was younger, the people who voice the characters do it so well that the movie was better than I thought it would be. Ratatouille had several positive messages for people of all ages. For example, one message is if you put your mind to it you can be anything. Another one is it is alright to be different and not worry about what other people think. People will just have to learn to accept your differences. The third message is to tell the truth as much as possible. However, there was a scene I did not like because it had a lot of drinking in it. In fact one person drinks so much he gets drunk! This scene seemed a bit inappropriate for a kids’ film. Nonetheless, I think Ratatouille is an excellent movie overall with wonderful characters and lessons! It is an enjoyable production for everyone no matter how old! If you see Ratatouille and like it, another movie you might like is “Over the Hedge.” The special features included two short films one about Remy and his brother and the other about Linguini. Unfortunately, there was no game on the menu.


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