My Continental Drift Theory(cont.)


Sourachath Rojanaphong writes, This is continued from my last theory.

This is continued from my last theory. So, this is my second theory since I researched the net.Theory 2: I researched the internet for a while and found that Dinosaurs and I guess… space has to do with the Pangea separation too. The spaceprobaly impacted the Earth so much that the wind push the mid part of the Panga and made it look like aC-shape Pangea. Also, Dinosaurs had to do with thisC-shapePangea form. Ever since Dinosaurs ruled Earth, Earth is constantly changing. So the wind made the rocks turn into other sand layers. This made Pangea move just a little!~ So, Dinosaurs were moving around somuch, probaly the ground started lowering and then getting higher somewhere. So, wind will dust away the higher places into ocean sea sand layers, making the lower places to rise into higher places. Later on after this proccess, island probaly were made and the C-shape Pangea land probaly weren’t like it anymore. So, Dinosaurs were damging the Earth surface tolower the higher placea into small places. These Dinosaurs are changing ever millions of years. Some are living but aren’t like there old form from about 250 millions years ago. Duck are part of the Dinosaurs too. Duck are like… a Raptor lookin’ duck headed sea mammal.


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