Watch out an Iceburg is Coming!!!


Lindsay Lundberg writes, Watch out it’s an iceberg, in the Surf’s Up game for Wii.

Watch out it’s an iceberg, in the Surf’s Up game for Wii. I found that it was pretty easy to play, even if you’re like me and aren’t that good on Wii. In the game there are a total of 10 levels, but six are locked and you need to win levels and have a certain amount of points to unlock the locked levels. All the characters are penguins and one is a chicken, but they are all based off the movie. You can choose any of the unlocked characters and once you’ve chosen the character, you can choose from four different accessories. Again two are locked and have to be unlocked. For every character there are different accessories to choose from. There are four different surf boards and two are locked, but its very easy to unlock the locked surf boards. Each character has one unique surf board that they only have and can be customized. They can be colored a different color, have their pattern changed, and the pattern colors can also be changed. Then you use the characters for the multiple levels in each place on the islands. The graphics are really good and clear. I watched my brother play the game for little while and he stated, “I really enjoyed playing the game and it reminds me of SSX, which is a snowboarding and skiing game. And the graphics are better than most game graphics! The game is a lot of fun to play and easy!” The game is rated E10, which means that everyone 10 and up could play. I think that anyone can play, just that it does take practice to learn all the tricks and what each button means. That’s why the game has a level that’s for training and helps you practice aiming, basic tricks, holding, freestyle tricks, grinds, and floaters. After I practiced all those, I became much better on the levels because I could do the tricks and get the points, which helped me win. There is music that is played and after you’ve reached a certain amount of points more music options pop up. Every button is used and two different remotes are needed. You need the remote control which comes with the Wii, then we bought the nun chuck remote, which is also needed. All the buttons on the remotes are used, but not all at once. Remote Control Buttons:Nun Chuck Buttons:B=hold trickthe analog stick= steer A=jumpZ= float on top of wave+= freestyleC= slow motionthe pulse in a circle=pause—————————————————-the minus in a circle= change music—————————————————-The game is very fun and enjoyable and I really had a hard time finding something that I didn’t like about it. Most of the time I watched my brother play and he wouldn’t stop — he really enjoyed. “I don’t play on the Wii that often so I found it challenging at the beginning,” quoted my cousin Justin after playing for a little bit. If you’re looking for a fun game that is easy to pick up and play, then I suggest that you buy Surf’s Up for Wii, but watch the movie first!!!


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