DNCC Gets Public involved


Haley Rogers writes, Throughout the state of Colorado…

Throughout the state of Colorado, the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) has been going to different cities and telling the public about what will be happening at the Democratic National Convention, scheduled for August 25-28. On Wednesday, October 5, there was a “Convention Conversations” meeting that took place in Boulder. The meeting was led by Leah Daughtry, the CEO of the DNCC, and Colorado House Majority Leader, Alice Madden. One of the topics that the DNCC talked about was going green. This year they will be trying to make the convention as green as possible. The Director of Greening, Andrea Robinson, is working hard to make a super green Democratic National Convention. Robinson stated the main focus will be energy, waste, transportation, and measuring the carbon that is put out into the atmosphere.Daughtry said the DNCC wanted to make the convention inclusive. There will be a number of activities for kids and their families who are visiting Colorado from other states. The DNCC is still working out the details but for sure there will be activities for kids. “There will be activities for young people” said Daughtry. Mike Dino, Host Executive Committee CEO, said that activities would include going to Water World, Elitches, the mountains, and some of the museums in the Denver area. “We want to make a program where kids can do kid stuff” said Mike Dino. You can find out events for kids and their families, as they come up at www.denverconvention2008.com, or www.demconvention.com.


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