The House In the Swamp


Original story by: Duane Burton (grandpa)Once apon a time there was a village named Akita, Akita had three village dogs, Harper, a Siberian husky, Ricky, a black and brown mutt, and Payton a well-t

Original story by: Duane Burton (grandpa)Once apon a time there was a village named Akita, Akita had three village dogs, Harper, a Siberian husky, Ricky, a black and brown mutt, and Payton a well-trained Border Terrier. Near Akita was a very big swamp with mucky water and moss all over. All the adults that lived in Akita told the children to never ever go near the swamp, but of course three of those kids didn't listen. Their names were Brett, Chris, and Melissa, Brett and Melissa were brother and sister and Chris was a very good friend.


On a sunny summer day the kids decided to take a walk in the forest near Akita. They told their parents and the parents said they needed to take a dog to scare off any wild animals if necessary. Why not take all three? So they all headed off to the forest. Deep down they were all wishing they could go see the swamp. As the kids walked further into the forest the sky started getting dark clouds and Harper, Ricky, and Payton started barking. As kids, they didn't really pay attention and kept on walking. Then Melissa ran ahead with Payton at her heels. Uh-Oh squish, they reached a swamp, but there was only one around so this had to be the swamp. At the same time they all turned around and only went a few yards before hearing a sucking sound. The dogs turned around first and stuck their tails between their hind legs. Now this couldn't be good. Brett saw it first out of the children and almost fainted. Chris and Melissa were next.


Rising out of the water was a house. Once it fully reached the top of the water they saw that the porch was totally dry (it had been pouring rain). Brett suggested that they wait the storm out and stay on the porch. They only had to jump about three feet to get to it, but Melissa was like "no way I don't want it to go down with me on it!" Melissa and the dogs waited under a tree. Chris thought that it might be warmer inside so he tried the door. It wasn't the easiest one to open but eventually he got it.


When Chris was a few feet inside WHAM, the door slammed shut. Now he wasn't too worried too much because probably Brett just shut it to scare him. Just in case he went to open it…. but it wouldn't open. He whirled around looking for something or somewhere to get him out. It wasn't long before Chris heard someone on the stairs coming down. He looked up and it was a skeleton coming toward him. Then he heard chains rattling down stairs and getting louder by the minute he was totally freaked out. Then the doorknob slowly turned and the door creaked open.


There right before Chris's eyes was another skeleton with a long chain connecting the two ankles. At that very moment Chris screamed at the top of his lungs for Brett or Melissa to help him. Brett heard it first and yelled for Chris to move out of the way of the window. Brett lifted a bench that was on the front porch and threw it through the window. When Melissa heard the crash she jumped to her feet and tried to understand what was happening.


As soon as the bench hit the wood floor Chris dove through the window, just as his head was out the first skeleton grabbed Chris's ankle. The skeleton took his shoe and only left a streak of blood on his left ankle. Brett helped Chris to his feet. Just as they both were thinking about what just happened the boys' feet felt wet and the house was sinking back into the swamp Brett and Chris jumped to solid land. They all ran back to Akita scared as can be.


Once they reached the village people came out due to their screams and cries. Once Chris's Mom got them all calmed down, the village people all started asking questions at once. One older man came up front and asked if they had seen a boy and a girl? All three kids quickly replied no. Then the man told Brett, Melissa and Chris that a long time ago a boy and a girl went into the house and were never seen again. Another older woman came up and told everybody that every 7 years The House in the Swamp comes up. Ever since then the six friends had a huge secret to share and their kids had a great story to tell.


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