Rats or Rockstars?


Mariah Le Beau writes, Rats or Rock Stars?

Rats or Rock Stars?By Colorado Kids reporter Mariah Le Beau, 4 th Grade, Castle RockDenver, COLORADO – Alvin and the Chipmunks, a funny, crazy, cute, heartwarming family movie is hitting theatres on December 14. The story about how the musical group of chipmunks started their career stars Jason Lee as David, David Cross as Uncle Ian, and Cameron Richardson as Claire. And, playing the voices of the chipmunks are Justin Long as Alvin, Matthew Gray Gulber as Simon, and Jesse McCartney as Theodore. Yes, Jesse McCartney plays Theodore’s voice!Alvin is the cool chipmunk, while Simon is the smarty-pants. And Theodore? He’s just plain cute. And, there is lots of music, including, of course, The Chipmunk Song, “Christmas Don’t Be Late.” This crazy movie is everything entertaining. The animation is awesome. The way it was done made me forget that the chipmunks weren’t real. I liked absolutely everything about the movie.It’s a combination of a guy who finds success, fun music, with adventure, chaos, and greed. It is just a great story about these Chipmunks, who I now know have been around for three generations. It even has a moral – one to think about at Christmastime.I’d recommend this movie to people of all ages – it would be a good movie to see with any friend, or anyone in your family. It is rated PG. If you would like more information on the movie, or to download some clips, or enjoy some games, visit www.alvinandthechipmunksmovie.com. You can even “get munked”.


  1. chipmunks are technically rodents…
    chipmunks are technically rodents,just like rats,so yes…..thanks for allthe cool comments!

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