24×24: Wide Open With Jeff Gordon Review


Chase Hoven writes, NASCAR is becoming one of the most popular sporting events in the world today.

NASCAR is becoming one of the most popular sporting events in the world today. In the United States alone, almost 5 million viewers tune in to watch a NASCAR race every weekend. In other countries, the commentary is changed into over twenty different languages so other people can see America’s most popular sport at its best. NASCAR is becoming more popular than the NFL and the ratings are continuously growing with every race. But what makes these races so popular? One of the reasons is the drivers. They drive these heavy machines at nearly 200 m.ph. on race day. All drivers that race in NASCAR are considered very brave. They go out and race these bulky machines to entertain people. And one of the most popular drivers in America’s sport is Jeff Gordon. There are three levels of NASCAR racing. The lowest level is called the Craftsman Truck Series. These drivers race trucks that go about 190 m.p.h. The drivers that race in this series aren’t considered the worst drivers; they are usually beginners. But even some time the best drivers in NASCAR race in this series because they like the handling of the trucks. Even so, the Craftsman Truck series features some of the best racing NASCAR has ever seen. The next level in NASCAR racing is called the Nationwide series. Formally known as the Busch Series, this series is for the higher drivers than the Craftsman Truck drivers.This series is mainly for the drivers looking to get into the next level of racing. Drivers that flock to NASCAR from other racing series get into this series since they have more racing expierence. This racing series is none less popular than the Craftsman Truck Series, and the racing is fantastic. The top level of NASCAR is the Sprint Series. This series was originally the Nextel Cup and this is the series for the best drivers in the world. This racing series has the most thrills and excitment of the three series. This is the series that Jeff Gordon races in today. To begin with his NASCAR career, Jeff started in the Busch Series (The Craftsman Truck Series was not invented yet. This meant that he would start in the Busch series) In 1991. He was the rookie of the year, or the best newcomer to the series. In 1992, he made his NASCAR Winston Cup (The Nextel Cup was formally known as the Winston Cup) debut at Atlanta Motor Speedway, the same track and day that the legendary Richard Petty made his final start. In 1993, he was the rookie of the year for the Winston Cup. And now, nearly 15 years later, Jeff Gordon is one of the most popular drivers in the world. Jeff’s career has been filled with ups and downs. He has won the championship for NASCAR four times, including two 2nd place finishes in the championship and a couple of 3rd place finishes and 4th as well. He has won NASCAR’s biggest event, the Daytona 500, three times and has won a total of nearly 80 races in his career.This past June, his wife and he had their first baby and Jeff has many other imporatant accomplishments in his life. Though through the happiness, there have been bad days for Jeff. He finished his worst in points in 2005, when he finished 11th. He finished 13th in his rookie year, but of course, that was his first year in NASCAR’s top series. He has had a number of hard crashes in his career but none as hard as his crash at Pocono in 2006. He also had a nasty divorce in 2003. This DVD comes with special features such as some very hilarious outakes, deleted and behind the scenes features and 30 minutes of additional footage never seen on TV. What I really like about this DVD is that it shows Jeff Gordon as a NASCAR driver, but also what he does in his spare time such as signing autographs for fans. This DVD is for a diehard NASCAR fan or someone who just wants to get to know one of NASCAR’s most popular drivers a little better. I give this DVD a review ofan A+ and a spot in my NASCAR DVD collection.