Talespin Volume 2: New On DVD!


Chase Hoven writes, Disney’s Talespin Volume 2 is new on DVD!

Disney’s Talespin Volume 2 is new on DVD! Follow all the adventures of Baloo the Bear and his friends through Volume 2 of this 1990’s classic cartoon. Let’s take a look inside this 3 disc DVD set to see all the fun and excitment that awaits us! Everybody’s favorite bear from The Jungle Book is back for more high-flying adventures! This bear is Baloo and he is ready for action with his navigator Kit Cloudkicker. As always, the resourceful Rebecca Cunningham is there to help and with her daughter Molly and the important mechanic Wildcat, rounding out the crew. All these characters are back for more action in 27 brand new episodes. Of course, the villains have returned and are ready to stir up trouble for the Higher for Hire crew in these action packed stories. From villians featured in Volume 1 of Talespin to the bad guys from The Jungle Book, these scoundrels mean trouble! The Higher for Hire crew also has some wacky adventures. In these 27 episdes, Baloo and his friends encounter some of the most absurd challenges. But, this doesn’t stop Baloo and the gang, as they use friendship and trust to over come these roadblocks. Whether it’s searching for the lost city of Panda-La or discovering the ancient treasure of the legedary King Utmost, this band of friends are always ready for anything! Talespin Volume 2 has fun-filled action and exciting adventures that your friends and family will enjoy. I personally liked that there was action at every corner but also some calm moments so the stories were not all high speed with the engaging problems. My overall rating for this box set is an A+. Talespin Volume 2 is sure to earn a special spot in your family movie collection.


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