Hospice Drive


Tony Yin writes, Every year, my school has a fun raiser called the Hospice Drive.

Every year, my school has a fun raiser called the Hospice Drive. This great event is run by the National Junior Honors Society and as the vice president; I am greatly involved in it also. I would like to tell you about this fund-raiser because I think it is a terrific program to honor the hospice and learn more about the hospice yourself.The hospice is a hospital-like environment for those people who are about to pass away to have a great last few days or weeks on earth. Most people do not know about it because usually kids aren’t the ones who go in there. I think it will be a great experience for those people to pass away peacefully knowing that there are people out there who cares for them. The program in our school is mainly donating money and for each dollar a person donates, we will give him/her a snowflake to honor their kindness. In our school, with only about a total of 1300 student, we are planning to receive $3000 in donation. That is about $3 per person. This two-week long event has already been happening for 8 days, and we have collected about $3500.I hope you would take a minute and consider what that extra cozy blanket would do to a person suffering from pain and diseases. Maybe you could talk to your teachers about considering talking to the hospice people to start a drive in your own school.


  1. Your school must be very …
    Your school must be very devoted to help others in need. Great story! Also, congrats on being vice president!

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