New Toy Purse Pals Worth Buying


Christiana Holladay writes, I walked home from school and I saw on the front door my purse pals.

I walked home from school and I saw on the front door my purse pals. My purse pals are Callie the kitty and Nibbles the bunny, but I changed their names to Bubblegum for the kitty and Pinky for the bunny. The ages that can play with this toy are 4 and up. The toy has a button onthe top that you can push to give it love. There is a magnet on the bottom of the pet that you can push on the purse to have it be groomed, played with, fed, or even take it outside. You can fill a heart up and that means happiness, but with less hearts it is sad and you need to check to see what it needs like grooming. I took my purse pal to school to show all my friends and they loved it. I would recommend it for four year olds to about 10 year olds, but anyone can play with it. The four year olds in my mom’s daycare loved the toy, when I said they could play with it they were excited and really happy, and it was easy enough for them to play with it. The bad thing about this toy is the handle breaks really easily. I like that I can take my pets around wherever I go because it is a purse. I would recommend this toy because it is a loving thing for kids and kids will like it for a pet, even though it is not real.


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