Disneyland Revisited- A Trip Down Memory Lane


Kelle Eck writes, When I was in kindergarten, my biggest wish (besides wanting a cat) was to go to Disneyland.

When I was in kindergarten, my biggest wish (besides wanting a cat) was to go to Disneyland. My wish came true, and a few weeks later, my parents and I were on a flight to California. However, eight years later, I have only little scraps of memories such as eating a chocolate covered banana with multicolor sprinkles (good times). When I watched the DVD, Disneyland-Secrets, Stories, and Magic, it brought those memories of my magnificent times at Disneyland rushing back. When people hear the word documentary, their first thought is most likely that (sadly) it will be boring. However, this documentary is anything but. Disneyland-Secrets, Stories, and Magic follows the construction of the great park of Disneyland. It follows from when it was a fantasy in Walt Disney’s head that most people thought would never be possible to Disneyland’s success today. This DVD shows the different changes and modifications Disneyland went through to become the “Happiest Place on Earth.” It tells how hard it was for the whole world when the creative genius, Walt Disney, died of lung cancer on December 15, 1966 (which ironically was the day I watched it). It includes interviews with some of Walt Disney’s friends and colleagues, a video and virtual tour of the first day Disneyland was opened, samples of some of the old shows Disney used to put on television, how the park is doing today, and a trivia game that tests your knowledge of the park. This special DVD comes in a collector’s box and includes replicas of Disneyland’s tickets that can’t, however, get you into the park. I give this DVD five stars!!So this Christmas break, if you find yourself getting bored, plan to pick up a copy of Disneyland-Secrets, Stories, and Magic, so you can take a trip to the fantasy amusement park from the comforts of your own home.Company- DisneyDirector- Disney CorporationScreenwriter- Disney Corporation Starring- Leonard Maltin, Roy Disney, and the attracitions and people that made Disneyland possibleLength of Video- 5 hours, 32 minutes and it contains two disksRating- G


  1. My Mom is a Disney fanatic!
    My Mom is a Disney fanatic! She will surely love this DVD. Nice review, keep it up!

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