Is That A Treasure Map?


Chase Hoven writes, Jerry Bruckheimer and the crew have been at it again, as National Treasure: Book of Secrets is now in theaters!

Jerry Bruckheimer and the crew have been at it again, as National Treasure: Book of Secrets is now in theaters! The adventure continues as Ben and his friends are out to prove Ben’s ancestor, Thomas Gates, is innocent for helping kill President Lincoln. The story takes a turn as one of the missing pages from the diary of John Wilkes Booth is discovered. On the back is writing that no one has ever found before. Feeling excited already? Well, that’s just the beginning. The story continues as Riley and Ben head to the Buckingham Palace to begin their search for the mysterious City of Gold. Many great treasure hunters had looked before to find this ‘Lost City’ but none have succeeded. Many people consider this search impossible, but not for Ben, Riley and Abigail. They travel to many places in this movie, such as London, the President’s Oval Office, the Library of Congress and to famous Mount Rushmore. Of course, a thrilling treasure hunt isn’t complete without a villain tagging along and trying to steal the friends’ glory. From ancient Native American writing to kidnapping the President of The United States, this is a treasure hunt you won’t want to miss! Originally, this movie was suppose to be a one movie deal. Not until last year did Disney agree to make a sequel to the famous and fabulous National Treasure. And boy, I’m sure glad they did! The movie is a lot better than the first including more dare-devil stunts and spectacular settings. The movie also includes the ‘President’s Secret Book’ which includes many of our nation’s secrets. This book is only for the president and president’s eyes only.One of the clues that Ben needs is in this book and well…….. You won’t believe how he gets the book. Overall, I give this movie a rating of an A and an award for the best treasure hunt movie. Well, you can see my enthusiasm so what do think; is that a treasure map?


  1. You write great reviews w…
    You write great reviews with tons of details!! It really makes me want to see that movie now!!! Great job!! 🙂

  2. I forgot to give you your…
    I forgot to give you your stars so here you go! I seem to have a problem with that! 🙂

  3. WOW!
    WOW! That was amazing!!!! THat review just kept me on the edge of my seat…imagine what would happen if Isaw the movie!!! Keeep up the good work. Can’t wait to read another story/review from you!!!!

  4. I really enjoyed your rev…
    I really enjoyed your review and I love the movie – but I liked the first movie better. Which is your favorite?

  5. For me…
    For me, I personally like them both. The first movie has a better plot (ex. Dec. of Independence, the ship Charlotte, CIA) and it was easier to follow with all the clues they were given and the clues made sense. But, the second has better settings (ex. Mt. Rushmore, London, Library of Congress) and more action. Overall, I like the first movie better, but the Book of Secrets was a great sequel!

  6. Omg I saw that movie and loved it!
    Omg I saw that movie and loved it! Have you ever been to Rushmore? You maybe should of included how Abigail was almost not part of finding the treasure this time since she and Ben broke up! I personally liked the first one better and thought the story was great. I really liked Ian in the first movie, he was cool! Sorry for babbling on but National Treasure I & II are my favorite movies EVER!!! Oh and do you think that there will be a third because of “Page 47” in the President’s bood? I do and just to say I really hope there is!!! Thanks for the great review!!!Write On!!!:)-Sierra

  7. To answer your questions…
    To answer your questions, I’ve been to Mt. Rushmore twice. Once, my family and I went just for fun. We also went a second time on July 4th for fireworks above the monument. We got there at 12:00 P.M. and parked a mile away at the bottom of a big hill and the climb was hard! We got out of there at 12:00 A.M. and my family and I were so tired! 2nd ques: Now that I think about it, I maybe should have put that in my story because, as you said, Ben and Abigail broke up. She was lucky she tagged along instead of hanging out with her new boyfriend. 3rd ques: I have to say, I like Ian alot too!!! Sean Bean did a fantastic job of playing Ian! Being a James Bond fand, he was a villian in one of the movies and he was fantastic! I would enjoy Ian coming back in the 3rd movie (if there is a 3rd one) but he is in jail and I doubt he will be released soon.

  8. Just to add to my first comment…
    Just to add to my first comment, it depends on how you look at the story to believe if there will be a 3rd movie. The villian who was after the treasure had the second half of the note while in the President’s Book was the first half. Ben knew what was on the second half; all he needed was the first. I doubt there will be a 3rd movie about pg. 47 but there could be a possibility on another subject. Anyway, I hope my answers were helpful!

  9. Chase…
    Chase, thanks for the replys to my questions, you are right, but I love this movie, and to talk more about it, if you go to one of my stories you can email me (i think), and we can continue this discussion, if you would like, cuz i know i would love to, and my last two writing teachers said good writers have good discussions and debates!!thx

  10. To the most current of yo…
    To the most current of your replys to me, the audience doesnt know whats on pg. 47

  11. Your welcome Sierra!
    Your welcome Sierra! On the pg. 47 deal, what I wrote was what I thought happended with pg. 47. Anyway, I’ll wait till the DVD comes out and look at it again. Then, I will get back to you and everybody else who would like to know what happens!

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