Another Day


Juliana Lombardi writes, Once again…

Once again, I hear them say You will not live another day I will prove them wrong once more What a surprise they have in store To see those I love and I hold dear Once again I will fight I do not want to leave here A sleepless night I have to fight Again, to live to see another sun I can’t leave, I’m not yet done Time passes by and one thing that never changed was the deep blue sky It was always above us and it seemed to say You will live another day I’ve chosen to sing my song NO! I can’t be wrong I will see tomorrow’s dawn And then will birds sing a song Now I’ve lived my life in peace I’m ready now to move away and I will see the last day My song is sung Hearts are wrung and tomorrow I will sayI got to see another day


  1. Great job!
    Great job! That is really talented poetry! It painted a picture in my mind and it was very detailed. Keep up the good work!

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