My Road Trip to Natural and Interesting Places


Susan Cheng writes, “It’s.

“It’s…so…pretty…” these were my first thoughts when I caught a glimpse of the Grand Canyon on Mather Point. This was after my one-and-a-half day of sitting in the car from Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The first thing we did before that was watch the seven-story high IMAX movie- Grand Canyon: Hidden Secrets. It was mainly about the people of the Grand Canyon. My dad and I shared the same thoughts: “I wasn’t too impressed; I hoped and thought there would be more about its nature.” The next day we went to the Grand Canyon.We went to the Canyon View Information Plaza (CVIP) and listened and participated in a Geology lesson. Then, finally, I saw my first sight of the Grand Canyon on the 22 nd of November. My heart leapt for joy. To me, the Grand Canyon may be the hardest thing to describe in words. My best word for you: Beautiful. On November 23, we hiked to Ooh Aah Point, at South Kaibab Trail, a round trip of 1.5 miles. There were mules taking people up and down. The trail was unusual. It went down first, then up. Because of this, at the beginning there was a warning sign saying “What goes down, must come up.” One lesson I learned from that day: Being cold is not comfortable. I learned this about an hour after the beautiful sunset (5:17). Here’s what happened. My family, a lot of other people, and I were waiting for the Shuttle Bus to take us back to our lodge or car. But, after 40 minutes, it still wasn’t there. Now, it would be fine, except it was freezing cold. Luckily, after a long wait, it finally came. Even better, the driver was nice enough to make it like a private bus, just dropping us off where needed.This is my favorite part of the trip. We soared so high the trees were little green dots. We were in a helicopter. We flew over the Grand Canyon. I felt a feeling I never felt before. But I was having the time of my life. It was costly, $145 for adults and $125 for kids, but I thought it was worth it. My family and I had tons of fun trying to read each others lips, and understand the undeveloped sign language because of the noise of the helicopter and our earphones. My family created a symbol, an L in sign language, meaning Look out the window!Finally, it was time to say good-bye. I asked my mom and dad what they would say, in a short phrase, to sum up the Grand Canyon. My dad said it was a “Magnificent place, that everyone should come see.” My mom said it’s “A natruelious wonder.” Me? I say “If you look at a small segment of the Grand Canyon, it doesn’t look so grand, but when you look at the whole thing, it’s grand.We drove to Desert View to climb three stories of steps to see an awesome view. In front of the building, there was a sign that summed up to this: Mary Colte (architecture) needed to create a gift shop/rest area with a great view. Colte’s answer? The Watchtower. I could see the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River though lots of widows. There were also a lot of Indian drawings and ruins.We next drove through to Four Corners (Where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona intersect in one point). The Four Corners was awesome because you get to stand in four states at once. It was great.The day after that, we drove to historic Mesa Verde. I thought it was a five-out-of-five star experience. We had an awesome guide (Sean Duffy, nickname Ranger Duff: when going gets tuff.), a great museum that I could spend hours in, and a great tour. When I was there, it felt like a time machine, going back 700 years to the Mesa Verde people living in Cliff Dwellings. We could go down a kiva, which I thought was cool.This road trip will definitely be one of my favorites.


  1. I have been to the Four C…
    I have been to the Four Corners and Mesa Verde but never to the Grand Canyon. It seems really interesting! Keep up the great work!

  2. It is so amazing!
    It is so amazing! I have been to the Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, and Four Corners before, too. Have you ever been to Chaco Canyon or Bandileer national park? They are both like Mesa Verde. I wrote a story about Chaco Canyon a few months ago. You should check it out! I think it’s called Ghosts of the Canyon or something like that. Great Job!

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