A Day In The Life Of A Superstar


Lauren McCulley writes, Have you ever dreamed of becoming an actress, singer, writer, TV star, fashion designer, or athlete?

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an actress, singer, writer, TV star, fashion designer, or athlete? Well, now’s your chance with DreamLife Superstar. When you open your box, you will find a game remote, instructions, and a game module. To play, you will have to supply a TV, two AAA batteries, and four AA batteries. Now, you can finally play this riveting game. As you plug your cords into your TV’s white audio and/or yellow video inputs and switch on the game module, TIGER ELECTRONICS will pop up on the screen and you know it’s time to play. Shortly after seeing that screen you’ll be introduced to a new screen. If you’re starting from scratch, you will have to click “New Game.” After, you’ll have to create your person; how he/she looks, his/her personality, and his/her name. Then, you get to create your bedroom. You’re finally through creating things and actually ready to play. In your kitchen and bedroom you can do chores. After you do a certain number of chores, you get parent perks. Parent perks give you a little more freedom. For example, curfews, electronics, number of pets, and many other privileges. To leave the house to shop, or do other activities, click the C button on your game remote. In order to get famous you need to sign up for an activity at either the camp or the boardwalk. Just keep doing your activity and you’ll be either noticed and become a superstar, win a trophy/medal, or in some cases both! The simplicity of this game made it very enjoyable for me. The graphics were clear as day and simply incredible. Although, I didn’t like how long I had to wait to become a superstar, but it wasn’t too bad. I definitely recommend this game to ages 8-14 (3rd-7th grade) because as you get older it may become a tad bit embarrassing or foolish. If you enjoy this game, you may also enjoy DreamLife, or Designer’s World. Overall, I give this game an A. If you think this game is as fun as I do, I would go buy it…while you have the chance!! BASIC INFORMATIONTitle: DreamLife Superstar Company: Tiger Electronics/Hasbro Interactive System Requirements: 2 AAA batteries, game remote, 4 AA batteries, game module, and tv