Peter and the Secret of Rundoon – the best yet!


Rachel Faulkner writes, Ok, everybody, the next book in the famous series is out!

Ok, everybody, the next book in the famous series is out! No, I’m not talking about Harry Potter or A Series of Unfortunate Events, though those are all fantastic. No, I’m talking about the Starcatcher series, a preqel to Peter Pan. I have already written one review of the first two books. You should read that first, if you haven’t read the books. Otherwise this review will not make sense. Because the third book is out and published. Peter and the Secret of Rundoon is, the best book in the series so far. It starts out grimly, as the evil Lord Oombra retruns, a weakened Shadow Thief. Peter’s island, Mollusk Island, inhabited by the gentle Mollusk Tribe, is about to be attacked by the brutal and fierce Scorpian Tribe. And the pirates of the island are all for kidnapping Peter and his four friends, James, Prentis, Thomas, and Tubby Ted. But the boys and Captain Hook get captured by the strenghthened Lord Oombra, who is not human, nor is he animal. They are taken to Rundoon, where they are forced to obey the nasty King Zarboff the Third and the Shadow Thieves. To escape and stop Oombra and his cohorts from destroying the world with the powerful Starstuff, Peter must have the help of Tinkerbell, his friend Molly, her father, and George Darling before it is too late! This book is very well written and is an easy and pleasing book to read.


  1. This book looks like a MU…
    This book looks like a MUST READ; I will have to keep a good lookout for it at the bookstore! Lots of great details and a VERY catchy title; Your review was fantastic!

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