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GRADE: B- Wii Sports is the only game included with Wii package. This action-packed game is all about showing you the new abilities a Wii can do.

GRADE: B- Wii Sports is the only game included with Wii package. This action-packed game is all about showing you the new abilities a Wii can do. The game offers five different sports: tennis, baseball, bowling, golfing, and boxing for the players to have a lot of fun.



Tennis is what I believe the best game in the bundle. Even though the player being controlled can not be moved by you, the player can still swing the Wii remote like a normal tennis racket. The player can easily control the speed and direction of the ball with just a swing. All the games are in doubles mode, meaning there are always four guys on the court. This game can be played by as many as four people, but it is also possible to control all four guys with one control.



Baseball is also a fun game in this game. Unfortunately, the player can not do any fielding. This leaves only hitting and pitching for the players. The pitching is not the fun part of the game since it is so easy to get a hit. The pitcher can throw fastball, curveball, screwball, and splitter. The harder the player throws, the faster the pitch is. Hitting is all about timing and luck. It is just like normal baseball rules, it is fairly simple. For a non-baseball player, it may take forever to hit the ball.



Bowling is the most realistic game in Wii Sports. This game is fairly easy; the player can aim at the pins and knock pins down easily. If spin is needed, simply tilt the Wii remote while throwing the bowling ball. I believe it is really easy to throw a strike.



In Golf the player can adjust the strength of the hit, direction of the play, and which club to use. After each swing, the player moves to the ball's new location and swings again. The faster the player swings the controller, the further the ball will fly. There is a 3-hole game and a 9-hole game.



This is the only sport in the game to use both the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk attachment. The player holds the Wii Remote in one hand and the Nunchuk in the other and jabs to punch. Raising both controllers blocks punches from the opponent, and moving the Wii Remote and Nunchuk moves the player's fists. When all health is depleted the player is knocked down. The player may then rise, with a partially refilled health meter. After being knocked down several times, the player will stay down, and the referee will declare "knockout."


I do not think this is a very good because for many reasons. This game does not last for very long. I have played this for only 2 days and I am bored already. Another thing is that the graphics for this game is horrible. IGN, a leading Internet media and services provider focused on the videogame, gave the game a 7.5/10, saying that "Wii Sports is a title that demonstrates the potential of the Wii Remote, but comes up short in depth and visuals."


  1. i have wii sports too.
    i have wii sports too. i agree that it gets boring after awhile, i got wii play for Christmas and am playing that a lot more.

  2. I have Wii Sports and I t…
    I have Wii Sports and I think it’s lots of fun. The golfing is the hardest because you have to hit it perfect or you will end up short of too far from the hole. My favorite game is bowling; I could bowl all day!

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