Tony Yin writes, GRADE: A Wii is currently the most-sold gaming console in the world.

GRADE: A Wii is currently the most-sold gaming console in the world. Finding one in the store these days is almost impossible. Because of the high demands and the low-production, many loyal fans of Nintendo still can not find one of these highly interactive consoles anywhere. The Wii, unlike many other traditional gaming consoles like the Xbox 360 or the PS3, it allows players to be interactive and move around. This gives people the chance to socialize while having fun.Other than playing games, the Wii also has a News Network, where players can search up the news of the day when not playing a game. This network offers tons of in-depth news articles from the comfort of your own couch. Sports news, international and US news, economy news can now be accessed without a computer. But first the player has to connect a WiFi with the Wii like you would with a computer. There is also the Weather Channel. The player can enter their location and BAM, the forecast for the next few days will all be there. In addition, the player can also load picture from cell phones or camera by simply connecting a USB drive to the Wii. You can be yourselves in this console by making a Mii that looks like, so that way you can always act as yourself.The Wii console is surprisingly small. The Wii console is Nintendo’s smallest home unit to date; it measures 44 mm wide, 157 mm tall and 215.4 mm deep in its vertical orientation. The included stand measures 55.4 mm wide, 44 mm tall and 225.6 mm deep, The system weighs 1.2 kg, which makes it the lightest of the three major seventh generation consoles. The Wii is controlled by a Wii remote, this wireless controller can sensor speed and location by using a Wii wireless sensor bar. When you get a chance, ask your parents to buy you a Wii, I just got one and I love it.


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    WOW! i have a wii but i never thought there was that much to it. i totally agree with your grading.

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