Donald Duck – Better than Ever!


Taylor Kelly writes, Walt Disney Treasures DVDs are valuable collector’s items.

Walt Disney Treasures DVDs are valuable collector’s items. The earlier released DVDs are no longer in stores. I reviewed the newest addition to the collection, The Chronological Donald Volume 3. These two DVDs hold four hours and twenty three minutes of funny entertainment staring Donald Duck.The DVD starts with an introduction by Leonard Maltin. Following the introduction are classic cartoons from 1947-1950. These cartoons are very different from the cartoons we watch today. Donald and his friends aren’t as talkative as characters in today’s cartoons, such as Sponge Bob or the Fairly Odd Parents. Vintage cartoons contained more action. I would give this DVDs three stars out of five. I am not a big Donald Duck fan, but the DVD would be great for someone who enjoys watching old cartoons.


  1. Looks interesing…
    Looks interesing, I’ll have to check this DVD out! Nice review; it was short but it you put in the main details!

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