Dude Named Elrod Jammin’ on an iPod!


Sierra Goldie writes, Yes, to all you fans of country music, that is line from a song by Rascal Flatts, called, Me and My Gang.

Yes, to all you fans of country music, that is line from a song by Rascal Flatts, called, Me and My Gang. That is one of the most played songs on my new iPod-Video-Nano. I recieved my first ever iPod for Christmas and was thrilled!!! It was silver, about 6.5 mm thick, talk about small! My parents got my name printed on the back, it said; ‘SIERRA U ROCK! LOVE MOM AND DAD’ I was so surprised. The iPod I recieved was a 3rd Generation, and held 4Gig amount of songs, which is about 1000 songs. But since it is a Video Nano, you have to factor in the space the videos and Podcasts take up. This iPod comes with three built in games and others are availble to download. The three games are iQuiz, Klondike, and Vortex. iQuiz has four different quizzes about movies, music, and movies. That’s my favorite game. Klondike is just another name for solitare, if you don’t know how to play, grab a deck of cards and visit this site; http://ky.essortment.com/solitairehowto_rhmd.htm. The last but not least game is Vortex, it’s a game where you try to break all the blocks by blasting your silver ball off and on your platform as fast as you can, but it you miss you lose a life. You have five lifes and if you lose all five you have to start the game over. Another cool feature about the games is that it tells you how many total times you have played and finished a game!!! There are many more features, such as clocks, alarms, you can even download all your favorite pics!!! This iPod is also avalible in red, blue, green and many more colors!! Apple has done it again, but I do visit one site especially to gear up my iPod, (which is named Elrod after the song, just to say…), that site is www.iFrogz.com. This site has stickers you can put on the wheel for all kinds of iPods, and many varieties of different colored sillicone cases. I have a pink one and a blue one, and three different wheel covers. All in allI LOVE my iPod, and hope if you have one, check out a few of the sites, so rock on and write on!!! And one last thing, here’s a link to my favorite song!!! http://video.aol.com/video-detail/rascal-flatts-me-and-my-gang/2919175192


  1. Congrats on the new iPod!
    Congrats on the new iPod! I got the old one this summer but now the new one is mine. See, I bought the old one with my own money this summer and really enjoyed it. Except, my parents are going on a week long cruise for their 25th wedding anniversery and wanted our iPods to keep them company. Except we wouldn’t let them have them! So, they secretly bought us the new ones and they asked us to trade. My sister and I are really excited and have been jamming out on our iPods as much as we can! Anyway, (I get off topic real easy) Great review/story! By the way, I love Rascal Flatts; they rock!!!

  2. Thanks Chase…
    Thanks Chase, I love Rascal Flatts too, I was laughing because if I was your parents I would have taken the new iPod…Thanks

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