The Nintendo DS LITE


Orion Pilger writes, I used to have a Gameboy Advance SP but now I have a Nintendo DS LITE.

I used to have a Gameboy Advance SP but now I have a Nintendo DS LITE. On Christmas morning, I was SO EXCITED!!! I woke up at 6:30 AM because I was too excited to sleep longer. I ended up being awake before anyone else was. I went downstairs and saw presents under the tree. I spotted presents that looked like Gameboy games. But they seemed a bit too thin for a Gameboy game. Hmmm….. Finally, when my mom and dad had woken up and had had their coffee, we opened our stockings (we always open our stockings first.). I got LOTS of candy (like my prediction)!!! Also, I got a thing that (when flipped) would make a sheep sound. And I got that huge candycane and a glass ball on a necklace that lights up and spins the lights when you press a button on it to activate it. Then on to the presents! We opened some presents before the ones that I REALLY liked. A skinny present was the 5th present I opened. As I opened it, a flash of awesomeness and excitingness struck me. It was A Nintendo DS LITE! I couldn’t wait to open it!!! Now, onto the things the LOOKED like Gameboy games. I ran and plucked them all up. Each one was……a different NINTENDO DS LITE GAME!!!!! Immediately after opening all the presents, I got my Nintendo DS LITE and started to play with it. I played with it the rest of the day because it was so fun!!! A Nintendo DS LITE is better than a regular Nintendo DS because it can come with you anywhere versus a regular DS has to be plugged into the TV. Also, a Nintendo DS LITE has smaller features than a regular Nintendo DS. I LOVE my Nintendo DS LITE and incourage people to try (“try to” because Nintendo DS LITEs are kind of rare.) get a Nintendo DS LITEinstead of a Regular Nintendo DS. And that wraps up my review. Thanks for reading this!


  1. I didn’t really like the …
    I didn’t really like the last paragraph. I have a regular Nitendo DS, and it came in a limited edition color, teal, that has never and never will be availble for the LITE. You don’t have to plug it into the TV, it can go any where with you, it uses the same games as the LITE, my bro has a red one that is a color you cant get either. And lastly, DS LITES arent rare. I see them all the time. And if you cant find one, you can get hundreds of them on Ebay. The only thing better is that the screen is a bit lighter:(

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