Revealed: Secrets of Ancient Kids


Annika Reuter writes, Mysteries of the Mummy Kids The Mysteries of the Mummy Kids…

Mysteries of the Mummy Kids The Mysteries of the Mummy Kids, by Kelly Milner Halls, unveils the mysteries of mummies throughout the centuries. Did you know that many of the mummies that have been discovered were not Egyptian pharaohs, found in the Great Pyramids, but children, preserved carefully by their loved ones or by nature? Learn about El Plomo Boy, Juanita the Ice Maiden, Sarita of Sara Sara, and the Children of Llullaillaco, all ancient kids from South America. “Get to know” Sherit, (Meaning little one in Egyptian) a young mummy girl from Egypt. Discover the secrets of the Yde Girl, Kayhausen Boy, Windeby Girl, Cherchen Man, Blue Bonnet Baby, Qawrighul Child, and the Beauty of Loulan from Europe and Asia. Along the way, interview Dr. Johan Reinhard, a Mummy Finder and Paleopathologist Dario Piombino-Mascali, who studies ancient diseases and find many more interesting tidbits of information. This book is a treasure chest of information about ancient civilizations. I liked The Mysteries of the Mummy Kids because it presented this information in a fascinating way for kids. In particular, I liked the fact that children can relate to the book. The only weakness of this book is that it if you are not willing to “power through” the somewhat boring background information to get to the interesting stuff, you might drop off to sleep in your armchair. I would recommend The Mysteries of the Mummy Kids for ages ten and up. Picture courtesy of General Information Title: The Mysteries of the Mummy Kids Author: Kelly Milner Halls Publisher: Darby Creek Publishing Number of pages: 72


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