Rock Out To Fraggle Rock


Haley Rogers writes, Sit back, relax, and enjoy the third edition of Fraggle Rock.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the third edition of Fraggle Rock. Fraggle Rock is about puppets known as Fraggles. These Fraggles sing and dance, while also teaching important skills, such as not to accuse people without proof, live up to your promises, and be generous.In the first episode, Red, one of the fraggles goes to sleep, and one of her radish bars is missing. She is determined to find out who stole them, but in the process, Red hurts her friend’s feelings. Then Red believes that it was her friend who stole them. Finally, after even more radish bars are stolen, Red decides that someone should keep guard. In the end, Red learns that she was actually eating them, in her sleep! She learns that she should not have accused her friend without any proof, an important life lesson.If you are thinking about watching Fraggle Rock, here are a few things to keep in mind. There are 24 episodes in the complete third edition, and is about 596 minutes (plus four bonus features). There is also a package of original drawings of the creatures on Fraggle Rock, and some fun facts about how Fraggle Rock was created. I would suggest this series for kids between ages three and seven. One not so great thing is that the Fraggles are a little hard to understand. Their words are mumbled and difficult to distinguish. Over all, it is a good series, especially for four, five, and six year olds. So next time you’re at the video store, Fraggle Rock Third Edition just might be a possibility.


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