The Oatmeal Festival Race-5K


Orion Pilger writes, On Saturday January 12, 2008 the annual Oatmeal Festival took place.

On Saturday January 12, 2008 the annual Oatmeal Festival took place. At 9:00 AM my family arrived there. I had lots of butterflies in my stomach by the time we got there. I had them in my stomach because I was in the race! We had thirty minutes to relax and get ready before the race, though… Thirty minutes later, I waited in the crowd for the race to begin. The butterflies in my stomach were at the maximum by now. Also, the guy speaking kept saying “Are ya ready?” but didn’t start the race. I was getting tired of it, but I still got ready to go when he said it. Then when I couldn’t handle it anymore he said “Go when I say ‘Runners Ready? Get Set…..GO!!!’ ” Then he said “Runners Ready? Get Set……..GO!!!!!” and squeezed a horn that made a sound that felt like it was saying “Go, go, GO!!! Do your best!” I didn’t know if I would place in the records or beat my times from before, but also I didn’t know I would do both things. At the end of the race, I gave it all I had left. I sprinted in over the last few meters. I placed 7th (in my age group) with a time of 29:32. I placed! and then I found out (from my mom) I had beaten all of the other records I had set in my lifetime!!! I was SO happy!Later (after the race) we ate Heart-Healthy Oatmeal and pancakes. It was real yummy! After that, we went to the health festival in the gym. There were LOTS of stations and I went to one to find out my left hip part is carrying a lot more weight then my right hip part!! So my left hip part is slanted downward versus my right hip is on the regular hip line. Then (me and my sister) we went to get free balloons from a balloon making guy. I asked for a Bow and Arrow and he said “Sorry. I don’t make weapons.” So, instead, I got a twisted cool looking thingy that glides through the air (at a point you point it at) when you throw it.Finally, we got back to our car and drove home. Boy, I had a GREAT experience at the Oatmeal Festival 5K!!! Also, I think you should go next year. For now, I really loved this 5K best out of all the ones I’ve ever done. Its your choice, but I REALLY think you should come to the same 5K next year!


  1. Very interesting topic wi…
    Very interesting topic with a fantastic story! Keep up the great work. By the way, how many 5Ks have you run?

  2. Ever since I was 8…
    Ever since I was 8, I have been running at least 3-5 5Ks a year. But I haven’t focused on improving my time. I know I can do better…

  3. I love running.
    I love running …and gymnastics. I think I am going to do a 5K some time soon with Mom.

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