The Looking Glass Wars


Juliana Lombardi writes, In the first book of the series by Frank Beddor…

In the first book of the series by Frank Beddor, you will see that the world of Wonderland is not make-believe, as all thought, but a real world. There are mirror portals, catipillers and Jabberwockys lurking in every corner of Wonderland. Princess Alyss Heart knows little of the history of her queendom because she is just seven. She knows shehas strong White Imagination and that she is going to be queen one day. She does know that she has an aunt who is banished and to be like her is bad but that’s about it. On her birthday, a party turns into a battle as Aunt Redd invades the palace and murders Alyss’ parents. Alyss barely escapes but Hatter Madigan saves her by jumping into the Pool of Tears and going to Earth. But the duo is seperated and Alyss loses her imaginitive power and becomes like a normal person while Redd rules Wonderland. But when Hatter Madigan finds Alyss, everything changes and Alyss is to battle Redd with a power she forgot she had. This book is wonderful and it was so hard for me to put the book down. Each time you read this book, you discover something more and are more attracted to the story. Read The Looking Glass Wars or wonder what you missed in Wonderland.


  1. Looks like another great …
    Looks like another great book I will have to put on my list of books to read!

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