Leslee Smith writes, Some of the fiercest names have been given to gorillas, but are these animals really fierce?

Some of the fiercest names have been given to gorillas, but are these animals really fierce?Godzilla and King Kong often become society’s mental picture of gorillas. Fictional stories have labeled gorillas as large beasts with sharp teeth that will tear apart cities. After reading The Heart of the Beast I have realized that gorillas are more human-like than I thought.I would highly recommend this book to kids ages ten and up and for adults of all ages. The Heart of the Beast shares eight inspiring stories of strength, love, and loss. From the story of Snowflake, the only albino gorilla known to man, to Koko, a gorilla that uses sign language and online chat rooms to communicate with humans. Each of the stories send the reader away with a different message although they all show the gentleness of these “great apes.” At the end of each heartwarming story several pages of facts are included that relate to the previous story. For instance, to discipline their young adult gorillas will cough in the young gorilla’s face, showing the young that they did something wrong. There are many interesting facts, but one I found most interesting is that gorillas have unique nose prints just as humans have unique fingerprints. This factual book was highly entertaining as well as educational and provided insight to the into the tenderness and intelligence of all gorillas.No longer do King Kong and Godzilla represent gorillas in my mind. I now look at these amazing animals in a different light. Recently I went to the zoo and was excited as I entered the “Great Ape” exhibit. Gorillas are more than animals behind glass now. They are some of nature’s greatest creatures and I now understand that thanks to The Heart of the Beast.Title: The Heart of the BeastAuthor: Nancy Roe PimmIllustrator: (various photographers)Publisher: Darby Creek PublishingNumber of Pages: 112