Truth or Dare!?


Danielle Turner writes, I was scared, left, in the dark, and all alone.

I was scared, left, in the dark, and all alone. I was in the basement of Mr. Callaway’s old house because of a dare! “OH! Why did I pick that dare!” I said aloud. My flashlight had gone out as I tried to feel for the wall.It smelled mucky. The basement was dusty and full of mildew! EW!……Mold! You could defiantly tell this was an old place!I followed my instinct and went to the middle of the room, thinking that I could walk anyway to a wall. Didn’t work! I tripped over a silky thing, of what seemed to be a sheet, and I landed head first on the floor, my feet hitting what seemed to be a wall. ‘Well, I guess it did work’ I thought. I couldn’t surely tell though. I hoisted myself up from my grip that I got on a glassy window pane. A small amount of moonlight shimmered in.I stood close to the window and searched for the doorway. Found it! It was about 3/5 feet away from me. I touched the stiff, bristly, and splintery wall beside me, and I stepped away from the window, being swallowed up in darkness. I let my fingers follow a line of gritty, chipped paint, leading to the doorway. I made it there and turned right, tripping on the velvety stair. “YES!” I shouted, in small breath. I clutched the sandy railing and fled up the stairs, tripping in their worn down grooves.There wasn’t any light on the upper floor either. Yet, that didn’t bother me, since I’d been stuck in a dark basement for more than an hour. I soon remembered I’d left my backpack downstairs, and if the workers came to tear it down, I’d be in such trouble!”OH!” I groaned. “This is not how I planned my night.” I turned and dashed around the corner. FLUMP! FLIMP! FLOOMP! BOOM! BANG! BANG! PLONK! Oh! I’d fallen down the stairs, and now had a sprained ankle. Well, that sure isn’t going to help me get out of here quicker! HUH!The moaning wind slapped across the house, and I heard the clicks of lights flickering. When I heard the clinking and jingling of wind chimes, I was lead down to the basement, correctly. The railing to the stairs jiggled as I got up, using it for support. AH! ‘What was that’ I thought. Old, rusty pipes were dripping water, and a sound like knives scrapping on metal. The pipe, I recognized, but the knives, spooked me, like a snake would a horse! Quickly, I scurried around, trying to find my pack, and rushed out, tripping all over the place, to get out of that death house! My heart was thumping faster than a speeding bullet!I got outside, breathless, and listened to hear the sounds of the real world, not death land. Honking horns, and the screechy, creaky door shutting slowly behind me. The howling wind sped up, the old house’s windows began to shake, and……CRASH! A window broke, shuttering my spine, and I was off. Running, I got chased by a vicious dog. BARK! GROWL! It chased me until I slammed the door of my house in its face!”Huh! Mom!?” I sighed in between breaths. “Mom, I’m home!”Well ‘I guess nobody’s home,’ I thought. Oh well! I went into the cold, tiled floor kitchen, and over to the fridge. My stomach was grumbling and I opened the fridge! MMMM……saucy spaghetti, soft bread, and delicious food. What to eat? What to eat? I pretty much raided my refrigerator, and stuffed myself silly! Delicious!!!Well, huh, I guess I’ve learned my lesson. One) don’t go into an old house, but most of all, DON’T PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. wow!
    wow! awesome! THAT KEPT ME ON THE EDGE OFMY SEAT THE whole time! though, i don’t get how the picture ties in with the story

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