What’s Heartstopping?!


Danielle Turner writes, Sick!

Sick! Round, upside-down, loopty-loop, all fall down, freeze! What? Let’s go again!It jerks you around like a dog with a chew toy, holds you tight like handcuffs to a criminal, and dizzies you so much it’s like symbols are being smashed against your head a million times! Most of all, it’s fun to ride! You feel like there is no tomorrow!!~MIND ERASER ~!The wind is in your face and your hair slaps against your face and neck, tickling you nose! A stiff, thick, metallic, but somewhat plastic, border stations you into one spot from around you shoulders, to your lower waist. You have a buckle between your legs too. You’re completely safe! The ride starts, and you feel sections as you move, then a long rush of air takes over, and you soon squeal to a stop! Over! Your heart beat is more powerful than a normal pace. Then, you are right back in line, before you know it!The loud noise of the coaster, and pulsating noise in your ears and head is filled with horrified screams! People below yell to those on the coaster, and awe in their bravery!You can barely see anything as you rush around. You might see the blue sky, brown dirt beneath, or light teal poles that support the coaster, or whatever is straight ahead. The whipping wind may make you shut you eyes, then everything is black!It’s thrilling, exhilarating, heart stopping, quick, threatening, and so much dazzling, daring, fun! So, ride it today, at ElitchGardens, and I promise, it won’t erase your mind!”Mind Eraser is my favorite ride?”Yours?


  1. I feel this story really …
    I feel this story really gives a discription and any one would have to read and get into the story to understand what the writer is talking about. It’s great! You must read it!

  2. This is a great story!
    This is a great story! I have only been to Elitch Gardens once but I didn’t ride it. My sister may have ridden it, but I’m not sure. She said that it looked like a great ride, even if she didn’t ride it.

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