?Gas Prices?


Danielle Turner writes, Do you think prices of gas are reasonable?Well, I don’t!

Do you think prices of gas are reasonable?Well, I don’t! Do think we are killing and destroying more of the environment each day? Well, I do and I have proof of that. So, why don’t we take a look at these gas prices, and what gasoline has done to our community.Colorado has an average gas price of three dollars per gallon. Most people have a fourteen gallon tank. We end up spending forty-two dollars on a full tank of gas or more! That’s RIDICULIOUS!Did you know, that the USA consumes 400 million gallons of gasoline a day!? 400 million gallons per one day! UNEXCEPTABLE! And just because of that 400 million gallons per day, the gas prices go up. Let’s say 50 people have a 14 gallon tank, they spend 2,100 dollars put together, and use 700 gallons all together! That’s a lot! Do you know what that does to the environment!?Well, now that know about that, the price and the gallon, let’s see how much the gas prices have raised in a certain time frame.1 month: From 12/24/07 to1/22/07 the gas prices began at $2.83 and went up to $3.011 year: From 2/8/07 to 1/22/08 the gas prices began at $1.98 and went up to $3.294 years: From 3/30/04 to 1/22/08 the gas prices began at $1.65 and went up to $3.296 years: From 5/4/02 to 1/22/08 the gas prices began at $1.10 and went up to $3.29You see how much these prices went up, and this is per gallon, so if you have 14 gallon tank, you’d spend, $46.06. THAT IS INCREDIBLE! Now, to the environment. The environment is being polluted by gas remnants, it creates a thick layer of gas! This, makes our oxygen that we breathe, thicker, and not as good for our bodies, because it is polluted. If only we could fix that, well we can!TIPS!:Car-pulling makes it so that you use less gas and pollute the air one less car.You can also try to avoid high speeds, because then you don’t waste as much gas, or spend as much money.Don’t accelerate you speed and then brake hard, because you ware down your tires which then make it so that it is harder for your car to go.You also need to keep your tires properly inflated, so that your car can go easier.Try to keep your windows closed while driving, so that the air isn’t pressuring you back.Use your cruise control also so that it isn’t so hard on your car.Don’t have such heavy loads on your car, because it uses more gas because you have a heavier car weight than usual.You can also try driving less, maybe, if it’s not such a long distance, you could, bike, walk or just try to drive less, it would make it easier on the environment and on us people than it would driving as much.Don’t let your car just sit and run, like, if you’re in a drive through, and it’s taking a long time, don’t just let you car run, turn it off, you save more than just gas.Do you know other ways, well use them, because if you care about the people, you’d stop polluting the air. Thank you for reading, now please, just follow the rules.WEAR YOU SEAT BELTS and prevent accidents!


  1. This really gives people …
    This really gives people awareness of what is going on in the comunity.

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