Mocha, Not Just a Hot Drink


Melissa Riley writes, Mocha is not a just a hot drink to have on a snowy day, but a cuddly labradoodle (labrador poodle mix).

Mocha is not a just a hot drink to have on a snowy day, but a cuddly labradoodle (labrador poodle mix). We adopted her from some friends on Nov. 11, 2006. As soon as we got her we took her to Petsmart to get an ID tag. A few days after that my mom took her to the vet to get microchiped. Microchiped is when the vet puts a small computer chip device in under the dogs skin, usually between the dogs shoulder bones. Then if the dog gets lost a vet can scan it and figure out where exactly the dog lives. Mocha is 2 years old and her birthday is on August 22.We have to walk or exercise her everyday, so she doesn’t get sick or fat. Sometimes my family and I will go on a run with her. Usually we just take her to the Dog Park on County Line Road. We also feed her Canidae (CAN-ih-day), twice a day. When she’s sick my mom feeds her chicken and rice. Mocha was really sick when we first got her. We thought that she was probably lonely or depressed. Mocha is very well behaved and very, very, smart execpt she won’t come when called. She knows how, just won’t. Are you thinking of adopting a dog? Some questions you might want to think about are…..1. Do you have time and space for a dog?2. Wil you be able to pay for the expenses (shots, food, toys, beds etc.)3. Do you have enough time to exercise a dog?These are some questions we thought about when my family was looking to adopt Mocha. We choose a labradoodle because they are a very loyal breed of dogs. This bree is very trainable , fun, and gentle. Does someone in your family have allergies? Don’t worry labradoodles don’t shed! They don’t need lots of exercise but like every breed they need some. We are very pleased that we chose to adopt a labradoodle and recommend that you do too!


  1. I wish I had a dog…
    I wish I had a dog, but my mom says I can’t because she thinks DOGS KILL PEOPLE. I don’t believe, it but she does. Oh well, I guess no dog for me.

    DOGS CANT HAVE CHOCOLATE!!!! Just saying, good story, and unless they are like pitboles they will just bite, but not KILL!!!:)

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