Small Steps


Jenni Holthus writes, The book Small Steps is a very good story.

The book Small Steps is a very good story. It is a great, almost sequel to the book Holes. It is not really a sequel because it only fallows some of the characters. The book is good for older kids. It has some language so ask your parents before reading it.The main character, Theodore (AKA, Armpit) is back at home after being released from Camp Green Lake two years earlier. He was doing well in life, but then X-Ray (Theodore’s friend from back at camp) comes into his life. X-Ray has always been trouble, what did he want now? X-Ray thinks up a scheme to get money, FAST, and tries to bring Theodore into his trouble.Theodore has one true friend, her name is Ginny, she is ten years old, and she has cerebral palsy. She is a sweet girl and she believes in anything Theodore does. The only problem is when her and Theodore are out something happens to her that could be life threatening.At this same time Kaira Deleon was living her life as normal as she could, being a superstar. She was a sixteen year old pop sensation. She had all the normal problems that any teenager has, until trouble comes her way.What will Theodore do, will X-Ray’s plan work, will Ginny be ok, and how does pop star, Kaira DeLeon get into all of this? You will have to read the book to find out.


  1. Pretty good.
    Pretty good. I would work on explaining the book more. This would be very confusing for the people who have not read the book before, and you are kinda giving away some important parts of the book. But I do agree that this is a great book!

  2. Your review was good…
    Your review was good, but I think that you should explain the book a little better. You didn’t exlain who the characters are, and Kiara does sing that song at the end of the book, but nothing else happens.

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