Let’s Sculpt Some Snow!


Caroline Till writes, Each January, teams from all around the globe come to Breckenridge, Colorado.

Each January, teams from all around the globe come to Breckenridge, Colorado. But why do they come to Breckenridge? They go there for one reason, and one reason only: for the International Snow Sculpture Championships.Each team of four starts off with a twenty ton block of snow. When the team receives their share of the manmade snow, they immediately begin to chizzle, smash and grind away. After that, the team uses a variety of tools to start sculpting. Some of their tools could include ice picks, garden shovels, tiny Japanese saws, and even cheese graters. All the participants are allowed to use anything but power tools.After sixty-five hours are up, the judges begin to determinate who will be the champions of the three categories. Those categories are people’s choice, kid’s choice, and artist’s choice. Last year, the USA team took home the blue ribbon for their sculpture,”Discovery.” “Discovery” was a model of a golden retriever looking into a mirror. To make the illusion come alive, the team sculpted an identical puppy and put it on the other side of the mirror (it was really a frame of snow.) This year’s champion was team China for their “Warrior and the Moon.” The caption for their sculpture was…People in Northeast China go hunting in the winter seasons. People no longer hunt for survival, but it is still a tradition for some native people living in the North.This is a extremely unique contest that combines creativity with patience. Take a look at the sculptures and you can see what these people had to put into them for them to turn out so wonderful.


  1. I could never do that.
    I could never do that. I can’t even draw a snowflake, never mind a whole sculpter!. I don’t have 1 artistic bone in my body.

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