Super Tuesday Colorado Style


Haley Rogers writes, The Super Bowl, and Super Tuesday, both super things that happened this week.

The Super Bowl, and Super Tuesday, both super things that happened this week. On Tuesday February 5 th 24 different states held caucuses to decide who would represent the party in the presidential election. I went to Southern Hills Middle School in Boulder to attend a caucus for the Democratic Party. The first thing I noticed were how many people were there. In Colorado, there were approximately 120,000 democrats who went to a caucus that evening. “I was surprised at how many people showed up tonight, and all of the enthusiasm,” said Jerry Brockway, who was at Southern Hills on Tuesday. “I feel that it is a great privilege to live in a free country,” commented Brockway.After checking in, Marta Turnbull, the caucus leader went over all of the rules for a caucus. Then everybody split up into their separate rooms or precincts where they all were going to vote. I was surprised at the way people voted at the caucus. Instead of filling out a ballet, everybody raised their hand for the candidate they wanted. Then the leader counted the number of people for each candidate, and that is how we figured out who won in our precinct. In our precinct, most people voted for Barack Obama, much like the rest of Colorado. There were however people who argued for Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic nominee. Most of the discussions in our caucus were not focused on issues like healthcare or the environment, but rather on who would beat the Republicans in the November presidential election. “I haven’t been this excited about a presidential candidate since John F. Kennedy” announced one caucus goer. The enthusiasm that I saw at Tuesday’s caucus makes me think that the Democratic National Convention here in Denver this August will be very exciting.