Super Tuesday


Gabi Curry writes, The U.

The U.S Presidential Primaries and Caucuses are in full swing. On February 5, Super Tuesday, 24 states held primaries or caucuses. Each political party – Democrat or Republican chose the candidate that will receive the support of it’s states delegates. These delegates will attend conventions this summer to nominate their parties choice for president. The Republicans will hold their convention in Boston, while Denver will host the Democrats. After arriving at our Republican caucus location, we were greeted with people holding signs declaring who they want our next president to be. Each person then went into a room based on where they live. The room was packed. The Republican officials were pleased with the overwhelming turnout.The session began when precinct chairman, Joe Maus welcomed everyone and explained how the evening would be run. When all the various attendees had been checked in, the session was ready to begin. After the Pledge of Allegiance, the meeting started with a request for donations.The chairman discussed the presidential straw poll, passed out the ballots, and people voted. The turnout was so great that many people had to write in their candidate choice on a blank piece of paper. The ballots were counted and the results were announced (Romney – 38, McCain-11, Paul and Huckabee-3 each). The precinct chairman then requested nominations for delegates to the county convention. Each nominee told the voters a little bit about why he/she felt qualified to serve. At the end of the hour, the results were announced and the new delegates were introduced.After all the voting had ended, the resolutions began. One resolution was for the Colorado Presidential Caucus to be replaced by a primary vote. ” For those who are elderly, handicapped, or working their voice is not heard tonight,” J. Parrish, Parker stated in favor of the resolution. Many people expressed their opinions of the resolution. Finally a vote was taken, and the resolution passed. It will be interesting to see if this resolution becomes a state law. When that was done the caucus was over! As the night ended, I had the chance to interview a few attendees about why they had attended. John Claxton, Parker stated, “I am here because I am motivated for myself, and for my son to become more involved directly in the political process.” His son, Ryan came to become more knowledgeable about the voting process. Ryan will vote in his first presidential election in the fall.Overall, I learned about the political process and how just one person can make a difference.


  1. I like all of the detail.
    I like all of the detail. I think that the republican convention is in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

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